Photo: Lesbians Who Tech conference, SF, 2019


This time, Q&A with Jason Tester, research affiliate at the 1968 RAND spinoff Institute for the Future, based in Palo Alto, a board member of the US National LGBTQ Task Force and the initiator of

SCENARIO Magazine’s Nicklas Larsen in conversation with Kwamou Eva Feukeu & Geci Karuri-Sebina


Q&A with Kwamou Eva Feukeu PhD fellow, anticipation specialist and Futures Literacy Officer at UNESCO, and Dr Geci Karuri-Sebina of the Universities of Cape Town and Witwatersrand in South Africa and SingularityU, and a Director of the Southern Africa Node of the Millennium Project.


Q&A with Climate Activist, Marc Buckley.

As one of the first to be trained by Al Gore as a Climate Speaker in 2006, Marc is a forerunner in climate activism. Today, Marc is a high-profile United Nations advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals, an expert for the World Economic Forum’s Innovation & Agriculture and Food & Beverage networks, a global food reformist and an Adjunct professor in Big History, Resilience, and Sustainable Futures. Among his current projects is a digital ecosystem for the Earth that compiles 1,200 geospatial data points; and the Earth School, a 30-day quest for school children to learn about our environment online…

SPACE10 in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District


Q&A with Kaave Pour, CEO of SPACE10, about new solutions that will enable IKEA to live up to its original promise of creating a better everyday life for the many.

SPACE10 is a research and design lab on a mission to create a better everyday life for people and the planet. The award-winning company is supported by and entirely dedicated to IKEA by working to bring about new perspectives and design new solutions that will enable IKEA to live up to its original promise of creating a better everyday life for the many. …

This is a summary of Nicklas from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies’ opening talk at ‘Museums Facing Extinction’ Conference on November 16th 2020.

Nicklas, Senior Advisor and Head of Initiatives at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, opened the Museums Facing Extinction conference with his presentation “Where is the entry point for public imagination about the future?” pointing to the fact that there are not many places where the public can go to reflect upon their future, beyond the world of fiction.

Futures principles and developments

In his talk he initially highlighted the increased interest and demand in futures studies and foresight practices, due to the pandemic and the heightened perception of uncertainty in the world today and he provided the audience with key principles in futures…


Q&A with Pupul Bisht, founder of the Decolonizing Futures Initiative and Creative Lead & Network Weaver at the Next Generation Foresight Practice at School of International Futures

Pupul is a multi-disciplinary futurist and the winner of the Joseph Jaworski Next Generation Foresight Practitioners Award 2018. She founded the Decolonizing Futures Initiative in 2018 — a global project that aims to engage marginalised communities in imagining their preferred futures to inform and inspire inclusive policy-making and innovation. Through this initiative, Pupul is pioneering the use of her novel foresight method inspired by the Kaavad folk-storytelling tradition of Rajasthan, India — one of the first and only foresight methods directly derived from a non-Western tradition.


Q&A with Josef Hargrave, Associate Director and Global Foresight Leader at Arup Foresight, about shaping a better world through mindful engineering

Arup is a global engineering and design company working with most aspects of today’s built environment. It was founded in 1946 by Ove Arup, a Danish-English engineer-philosopher, with the aim of shaping a better world through total design and mindful engineering. Today, Arup employs close to 15,000 people across 35 countries, and has been involved in developing exceptional landmarks with projects in more than 160 countries, including the Sydney Opera House, Apple Park, CCTV HQ in Beijing, the International Finance Centre in Hong Kong, the Copenhagen Metro, and a variety of other ground-breaking buildings, spaces and city developments. …

By Nicklas Larsen and Casper Skovgaard Petersen

In 2019, the sports giant Adidas launched a massive marketing campaign: That year, the clothing manufacturer promised to sell as many as 11 million pairs of shoes produced partly from so-called ‘ocean plastic’.

It was a significant and, at first glance, impressive increase from just five years before, when only 1 million pairs of Adidas shoes had been produced from plastic scooped up from the world’s oceans — because surely that is what ‘ocean plastic’ means, right?

Not quite. As is often the case, reality is different from what the marketing would have…


Q&A with Odette Meli, Director at the Strategic Insights Centre of the Australian Federal Police


Q&A with Shaun Hazeldine, Head of Innovation & Foresight at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the world’s largest humanitarian network, reaching 150 million people annually through 192 National Societies and the work of almost 14 million volunteers. The global humanitarian force has contributed to the well-being and aspirations of vulnerable and marginalised people by improving humanitarian standards as partners in development, responding to disasters, supporting healthier and safer communities and fostering a culture of peace throughout the world. In 2019, the IFRC celebrated 100 years of bringing hope to communities in desperate need, and of bringing the voices of the world’s most vulnerable…

Nicklas Larsen

Senior Advisor, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies | Staff Writer, SCENARIO | SteerCo, FORMS | Senior Curator, UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit

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